Multi-Agency Case Management Solutions

Improve knowledge-driven work and manage cases organization-wide with SOLYD case management solutions

Multi-agency cases management solution leverage single source of truth for ultimate user experience and huge impact on productivity

To thrive in today’s business environment, your workforce needs a new way to work — and solutions that support dynamic and often unpredictable processes.

By managing data relationships, documents, and processes on a single platform, SOLYD’s case management solutions empower employees to effectively manage cases and make better business decisions. They are able to view the status of cases across the value chain and not just within the organization’s own IT systems.

With a multi-agency case management approach to solving business problems, SOLYD’s solutions provide employees with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work in a single view.

SOLYD’s case management solutions also increase visibility into an entire case — whether that’s a customer relationship, project, or incident/issue — equipping you to make improvements and increase effectiveness over time.

And, SOLYD’s platform scales to support business needs across individuals, teams, and departments to drive value and elevate productivity enterprise-wide.

SOLYD multi-agency case management solutions:

  • Increase user productivity and ensure continuity of processes
  • Support many solutions with one scalable platform
  • Drive value with fast deployment and quick returns

With extensive case management capabilities and the ability to drive manual processes, SOLYD’s case management platform meets not only today’s challenges but the ones you’ll face tomorrow — providing a lower total cost of ownership.

Point-and-click configure multi-agency case templates

SOLYD provides a low-code rapid application development platform that equips you to point-and-click configure a variety of business applications — including those that support dynamic case management — to fill in the gaps between your line-of-business systems as well as your partner’s line of businesses. Get started faster with multi-agency case management templates. Minimize the need for costly custom coding, inefficient shared spreadsheets, and disconnected point solutions.

Integrate and Enable your partnerships

By building multi-agency case management solutions on the SOLYD platform, you take advantage of robust native functionality — like integration management, workflow automation, and security access controls — and enhance applications with the entire product suite.

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