Information Ingestion and Egestion Solutions

Leverage the critical starting and collaboration points of your integrated extended organization journey for more profitable business.

Eliminate manual data sharing or data entry

Information enters your organization through a variety of channels and in a variety of different formats. To continue moving the critical business forward, that information needs to quickly and accurately get in the hands of the right decision-makers and processing staff.

For many organizations, this is an extremely manual task. Without an integration management system, this can include transporting documents between offices or emailing documents from person to person with manual data entry into key systems. Even with an enterprise information management system, the data sharing process can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.

Enter information ingestion & egestion solutions.

To get information into the hands of those who need it as quickly as possible, you need to eliminate manual process work by:

  • Create API of ingestion procedure using in-system API capability or data-warehouse API capability as soon as it enters your organization. All downstream consumption of full or part of that data can happen through the integration services. This is ingestion solution.
  • Turning that API into blockchain container service for higher degree of control over masking, hiding, partnering and delegation of data. This is egestion solution.
  • Easily connect to other internal as well external data APIs or blockchain containers to bring data into your organization. Such combined ingestion and egestion solution builds a highly integrated enterprise.

Multi-channel information capture solutions

SOLYD offers multi-channel ingestion and egestion capabilities that feed content into a central repository where it can be accessed immediately, from wherever it enters or exists the organization. To assist in this process, SOLYD also offers automated data transformation to quickly and accurately pull information directly from external sources and update relevant systems with limited human intervention.

Ingestion is the critical starting point of your customer journey. The moment you get your user and their interaction into your key systems and into the hands of those who need it, the more efficient your production and overall business will be. Leverage multi-channel ingestion for all types of systems with intelligent transformation to classify, extract, and validate critical incoming information, eliminating manual processes. Provide faster, easier access to content for those who need it most.

Egestion is the equally important collaboration step for your downward service or production channel partners to seamlessly serve your users. Your triggers enters their organization as new workflow as a part of existing internal process or as a new task. In all cases, a sysstemic ingestion provides granular control on data privacy, security and anonymity with specific access control. Additionally, adding a blockchain container for egestion process eliminates internal IT scaling needs.


  • Ingestion: Digitize your system to system connectivity with API gateway for both internal or external gated data access. To improve collaboration among various services, functions and product silos, gated access is very important tool.
  • Egestion: For a seamless flow of information and material across your suppliers and buyers, it is important that your IT is an extended organization. Create triggers for your production and fulfilment processes, with accurate and confirmed orders and resource views for automated supply chain.
  • Blockchain: Automatically and intelligently connect your partners with granular access and similarly get access into their organization for seamless operation of your organization. Build all such data ingestion and egestion workflows on our integration services platform.

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